Extended Support Service


Get 12 months of dedicated support and customization services with our Extended Support Service for Freshdesk themes, including priority service and troubleshooting errors.



Introducing our Extended Support Service for Freshdesk themes! When you purchase one of our themes, you’ll receive 3 months of support for troubleshooting errors, but what happens when that period ends? With our Extended Support Service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have an additional 12 months of support, including priority service, at your disposal.

With our Extended Support Service, you’ll have access to our dedicated support team for a full 12 months. Not only will you have the ability to continue troubleshooting any errors that may occur, but you’ll also have the added benefit of priority service. This means that your support requests will be prioritized over non-priority requests, ensuring that you receive a timely response.

In addition, our Extended Support Service also includes 5 hours of customization and support. This means that our team will work with you to customize the theme to meet your specific needs, and provide support throughout the process. This is a great opportunity for businesses who want to make sure their theme is tailored to their brand and provide a unique customer experience.

Don’t let your theme support end after 3 months, upgrade to our Extended Support Service and enjoy the added benefits of priority service and customization support for a full 12 months. Purchase now and take the first step towards a better customer experience.

Extended Support Service